Mar 282011

Arilem and I had gotten up really early one day last fall to make it to a large location that we had been interested in seeing.  We spent about 3 hours in the location before we decided we had seen as much as we could and moved on.  We were in a rather desolate area of Manitoba on a Sunday and were looking for some lunch.  The town we were in had nothing to offer so we started heading east towards a larger town where we hoped to find something to eat.  We drove the entire town and only found a small run down Chinese restaurant open, and we decided that if we wanted to eat that this is all we had available.  Much to my surprise the food was very good and with full stomachs we decided to see what else we could find before we made the drive home.  As we drove around town we stumbled across a small abandoned motel on the side of the highway just outside of town.

Motels like this were once very common however there aren’t many around like it anymore.  It was far from anything fancy, consisting of about a dozen rooms that all opened up onto the parking lot and they were connected to the main office which also was the residence for the owner.  It appears to have been abandoned close to 10 years and it appears that structural issues may have played a role in its closure.  The floor had collapsed near the back of several of the rooms and even had plants growing in some of them.  For the most part the rooms were complete with furniture, beds, and even bedding still and the only obviously missing thing was the televisions.

It was definitely not the most exciting place we ever saw but it was interesting none the less.  I hope you enjoy it.  There will be another update in a day or two. 

Motel 1
The Motel had a neet sign with parts that appear to be neon

Motel 2
A view of the portion of the motel with the office on the end

Motel 3
A bed with bedding and one without – I wonder were the bedding went

Motel 4
Desk with heater beside it

Motel 5
Fancy couch in the signle rooms and a bible on the shelf

Motel 6
Where the MTS phone once resided

Motel 7
Front Desk in the office

Motel 8
Stickers on the door to the office

Motel 9
Another view of the front of the motel looking away from the office

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