Mar 222011

In early December Arilem and I were exploring in east-central part of the province when we stumbled across an old railway station.  This location is about as far off the beaten path as one could get.  The rail line that it was on has been abandoned for more than 30 years, there is no highway going to this hamlet nor is there even a paved road to take you there.  I don’t even recall a sign on the nearest highway indicating its presence.  This hamlet is little more than a name on the map.

One might think that a railway station wouldn’t be very rare in this province due to the thousands of them that once existed.  Passenger rail service to most small communities ended in the early 1970’s and being owned by the railways most of them were shuttered at the time.  Over the years some have been acquired by the towns and turned into museums or visitor information centres.  Many have been torn down over the years leaving ones that are abandoned in their original condition very rare

We had to walk a fair distance in deep snow to get to the building and we were starting to run out of daylight.  I didn’t get a lot of good shots of the place due to the temperature and lighting but it is an interesting piece of Saskatchewan history just sitting – rotting in a field.  I hope you enjoy it.

Railway Station 1

The station at dusk – the snow was at least knee high all the way 

Railway Station 2

A closer view – the platform is on the opposite side.

Railway Station 3

Ticket window and waiting area in the station.

Railway Station 4

Stairway to the upper floor – appears to just be offices up there.

Railway Station 5

Old school heating – I wondered if this was still used up until the station was closed.

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