Nov 142011

In an old historical mining area in west central Wyoming one can find many old gold mines.  Some are just areas of slumped ground where a mine entrance had been filled in.  Others were complete complexes of many buildings, and some were Just unmarked concrete shafts that you could easily fall into if you weren’t careful.  It’s an area that you definitely will want to tread carefully in. 

Below are a few photos of various mines in the area, the most interesting one was sealed up tight and appears to have been done recently however the buildings themselves are an amazing piece of history.  There is much to see in the area however time constraints and lack of a better off road vehicle didn’t allow us to see all that we would have liked to see.

Filled in mine shafts
A filled in mine shaft

Open concrete lined shaft
an open concrete mine shaft

Closer look
It was a long ways down – watch your step around here

Mining cart tracks
Mine cart rails near the head frame building leading towards the mill

Looking toward the mill
Where the carts were dumped into the mill below

The rails towards the headframe
Head frame building

The mill
Looking down at the mill – Sealed up very well

Arilem walking towards the head frame
Arilem walking along the rails

Bunkhouse with head frame in the distance
Bunkhouse and head frame

The overal mine
Over all site – Mill is not visible though

A different nearby mine
Another nearby mine that is very closely watched

And another nearby mine - being restored / preserved

Another nearby mine that is being restored / preserved

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