Nov 102011

Arilem found a couple exterior photos of an amazing looking power plant in Wyoming.  Armed with only a name neither one of us could find it. I searched and searched the topographical maps trying to find it until I stumbled across it while looking for something else all together.  It appears to be a very large building which I believe is limestone.  I don’t know much about it – I don’t know when it was built or when its use was discontinued.  On the one side of it is a switching yard that is still in use.

After many hours of driving we finally arrived.  It looked so promising from the exterior however it was very gutted on the inside.  It appears to have utilized by a local farmer that uses it for storage.  It was still well worth the visit and was very photogenic.

Outside the plant
Our first look of the plant – it looked amazing

First look inside the empty plant
However it is an empty shell

Inside again

Looking up
It is a very nice piece of architecture

A look inside from the other side
Another look inside from the other end

Inside from the other end

Active switching yard
The switching yard is still used

Basement Area
The basement area where the some of the cooling was – there were pits of water and remains of huge pipes

The plant with foundations in front
There was once a lot more to this place as there are foundations all around it

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