May 312011

On one of our trips to the north western United States in summer 2010 we were exploring an old Air Force base when we happened to find a church on the base.  I knew that Arilem would insist on seeing it as she absolutely loves abandoned churches.  I don’t quite have the same love of churches but I do enjoy exploring anything abandoned or historical so churches fall into that category.

This church is very unique compared to most I have seen.  This is the first United States Military church that I have seen.  I have seen a few Canadian Military churches and they are all built with the same plan and I expect it was the same in the US.

This is a Catholic church and it was interesting to see the mix of religion and military – especially in some of the literature.  It consisted of a large sanctuary along with a whole wing of multi-use rooms.  It appears to have not been used since 1996 and is still in surprisingly good condition.  Time is starting to take its toll now as water damage is starting to destroy the place.  

Church 1
The Main Entrance

Church 6
Sanctuary – one of the most intact abandoned churches i have ever seen

Church 7
Scramble lights for the pilots and flight crews

Church 8
Another look at the sanctuary – I love how there is virtually no vandalism at all

Church 5

Church 3
In the corner of one of the multi-use rooms – the left shows dividers that can be used to partition the room off.

Church 4
Religious propoganda

Church 2
I can’t recall what this was but it caught my eye because of the USAF logo on it.

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