Nov 052010

I have already posted the theatre that was on this base and shortly I will post another entry on the church that is on the base.

I have already made an entry on the blog for this location see:  for a more extensive write up on the base.

The base officially closed in the early 1970’s.  A private company has taken over a fair bit of the base.  They use the runways, the hangers, the barracks, and most of the support buildings which makes it not possible to explore those areas.  The areas that we have been able to see include hundreds of duplex houses, schools, post office, community centre, church, theatre and various other buildings.

Our return visit will more than likely be our last as we move on to see other new locations.  Enjoy!!
Base 7

Approach lighting for the main runway

Base 1

Barracks – this base once had 10,000 people on it so there are lots of houses and barracks around.

Base 6

One of the schools – This one is in better condition than the other

Base 2

Community buildings – not sure what this one was used for – it was near the church and post office.

Base 3

Post Office – and Community Centre

Base 5

Abandoned street in the residential area

Base 4

Aircraft Hangers

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