Aug 162010

We returned to the Montana Mine that was featured in the previous post at 1:00 AM and took some photos by moonlight.

We left the mine just as it got too dark to photograph.  We decided to head over to Elkhorn  which a fairly well known Montana  ghost town.  We had plans to do a little light painting however the town is far from being a ghost town.  It is a tourist trap and nothing like we were looking for.  So we left and headed back to the Mine that actually was worth checking out.

We had been driving and hunting for locations for 17 hours at this point so I wasn’t interested in spending a lot of time taking more photos.  I only got a couple shots that were worth while before heading off to our camp to spend the night.

The Mill and Bunkhouse

The Mill and Bunk houses

Ghost Town

The town across the road from the mill

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