Aug 062010

The Forgotten Mine has been highlighted here before and we have been there a few times now and for once we were there when the weather was decent.  Our first trip was during February a couple years ago when it was about -20C with the wind-chill.  Our follow up visit was in July of the same year and it was at least 35C and the fact that it was a sodium mine makes the place very dehydrating.  We went again last February and it was again very cold and lots of snow which is not really normal for this part of the province.  This trip we finally scored a decent day.  It was a little wet but the temperature was close to a very pleasant 15C which is ideal for crawling through a mining area with lots of gear.

We were itching for some more exploring as our trip to BC was primarily a lot of driving and not a lot of actual exploring so we took a rather significant detour on the way home so we could stop by one of our favourite locations.  This place is always cool to see – touched by only time and the elements I love how things are slowly deteriorating.  It looks like they just locked the door and walked away 10 years ago.  Some parts of the processing plant are getting sketchy and roofs are giving way in spots.


We used to have lots of mines like this around the province to explore however now there are very few left.  We keep stopping by to see this place because I expect it will be gone one of these days when we stop by.

Forgotten Mine 1

Arilem, Phoenix Enigma, and I in front of one of the dryers

Forgotten Mine 2

The main part of the plant

Forgotten Mine 3

My new standard lens has a wide aperture and allows for shots like this without using a flash

Forgotten Mine 4

Machinery in the main part of the plant

Forgotten Mine 5

Large fire extinguisher

Forgotten Mine 6

Where the rail cars were loaded

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