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It was late September in 2009 and it was a full moon.  Arilem and I had planned to head out to do a couple hours of photography and didn’t come up with much to see before we ran out of daylight.  We found ourselves wanting to see more and with the full moon it was ideal for doing some night photography.  We started to work our way east stopping at a few locations along the way, however our timing wasn’t great and it was too risky to access any of the locations we stopped at. 


So we continued to head further away from Regina until we got to an old mission.  This location is very intriguing to me.  It has a lot of history and once was a thriving mission with several buildings in the early 1900’s.  On a previous visit one of the people in our group had some rather interesting experiences while alone in the church. 


Since our last visit a group from a local church nearby has been putting a lot of time and effort into cleaning up and restoring what remains of the old mission.  Unfortunately all the old buildings are gone with exception to the church.  Sometime in the past 7 years someone burnt down the only other remaining building which was a beautiful 3 story brick building that was last used as an infirmary / care home.  However I believe the infirmary hasn’t been used since the 1970’s.  We found that the location wasn’t as creepy as it was the first time.


I’m relatively new to night photography, but these appear to have turned out fairly well.  This is some of my first work that involved extended exposures.  One of the shots was a 5 minute exposure which gave me some photos that almost appear to be taken during the day.  All these shots were taken between 10 – 11 PM and sunset was approximately 7:30PM that day. 

Front of Church

Statue & Church


Statue in front of church

Statue Silhouette


5 Minute exposure

5 minute exposer


Cemetery at 11 PM

Cemetery 11PM – only light source is the full moon

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