Feb 282012

Well here we are again – I am way behind on updates.  I have lots of content to share, I just haven’t found the time to process the photos and do write ups.  There will be some updates in the very near future though.  Thank you for your patience. Here are some photos of an undisclosed former medical facility in the province.

Former Medical Facility
Old hospital room

Former Medical Facility
Found on the floor of a former medical facility

Former Medical Facility
Hallway shot

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Dec 292011

There are literally hundreds of towns that no longer exist in this province.  Many are nothing more than a name on the map and some aren’t even on the maps anymore.  There are very few true ghost towns in Saskatchewan.  I define a ghost town as a site that has at least a half dozen buildings remaining but not a single resident.  The town featured below doesn’t quite fit into what I would consider a ghost town because there are still a few residents however there are less than 10 people living in this town that was once home to around 200 residents at its peak.  The town has become popular and people are coming out to see it due to media attention over the past year and that has also brought pickers and vandals.  I have been aware of the town for several years but never took the time to stop by until this fall.  We found a very decrepit hotel, a town hall, and several houses.  We were watched closely by one resident who has gotten tired of the trouble that the media attention has caused, he finally approached us to ensure we weren’t damaging anything or taking anything.  After speaking with him for several minutes and seeing our professional photo gear he decided we were no harm to the place and only warned us to stay out of the buildings.  I find it kind of humorous because he is tired of people coming out there however he is responsible for the media attention that the town received in the first place.  I am a firm believer that the places that we visit need to be kept anonymous to protect them and that is why we always protect their true identities unless it is a location that is gone all together.  Enjoy the nameless ghost town.

Looking down Railway Avenue

The former school

Town hall

Inside the town hall

Rental rates for the hall – however there is no power to the hall and it hasn’t been used in some time.

This town hall has one of the nicer kitchens I have seen in a rural hall

The bar in the hall

The back alley behind the hall with some other abandoned houses near by

The hotel – by the looks of things it won’t be standing all that much longer

Sidewalk leading up to the hotel

Back of the hotel – most of the top floor is without a roof

One side of the hotel – I believe this was the lobby and perhaps a restaurant

The bar is on the other side with collapsed roof

This massive safe was in the hotel – considering the state of the hotel I am surprised the floor can still hold this safe.

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Nov 142011

In an old historical mining area in west central Wyoming one can find many old gold mines.  Some are just areas of slumped ground where a mine entrance had been filled in.  Others were complete complexes of many buildings, and some were Just unmarked concrete shafts that you could easily fall into if you weren’t careful.  It’s an area that you definitely will want to tread carefully in. 

Below are a few photos of various mines in the area, the most interesting one was sealed up tight and appears to have been done recently however the buildings themselves are an amazing piece of history.  There is much to see in the area however time constraints and lack of a better off road vehicle didn’t allow us to see all that we would have liked to see.

Filled in mine shafts
A filled in mine shaft

Open concrete lined shaft
an open concrete mine shaft

Closer look
It was a long ways down – watch your step around here

Mining cart tracks
Mine cart rails near the head frame building leading towards the mill

Looking toward the mill
Where the carts were dumped into the mill below

The rails towards the headframe
Head frame building

The mill
Looking down at the mill – Sealed up very well

Arilem walking towards the head frame
Arilem walking along the rails

Bunkhouse with head frame in the distance
Bunkhouse and head frame

The overal mine
Over all site – Mill is not visible though

A different nearby mine
Another nearby mine that is very closely watched

And another nearby mine - being restored / preserved

Another nearby mine that is being restored / preserved

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