Mar 292012

These photos are from a trip about a year ago.  During the spring when it was really tough to get anywhere due to the flooding we really didn’t get out too much.  Even this trip was spent dodging impassable roads and mud.  This was a few locations that we visited one evening.  We hit up a couple farm houses and then a former community that only still has a church and a school.

I hope to have another update shortly.

Farm House
Very large farmhouse – I am not a huge fan of farm houses however this one was very large and interesting


Farm house interior
Interesting cupboard system with shared cupboards between the kitchen and dining room

Arilem on the stairs

2 room brick school house

Old School 2
Another shot of the schoolhouse

toilets in basement
Toilets and desks in the semi flooded basement

The setting sun from one of the classrooms.

Out the door
Looking out the front door.

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