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One extremely hot evening in July Arilem and I decided to spend the evening out exploring rather than face the extreme heat of our apartment.  We drove to nearby city and grabbed a bite to eat before heading out onto the back roads in search of something to explore.  We decided to stop by a ghost town that we had seen on a previous trip a couple years ago.

The town has no one living in it; it isn’t on a highway, its rail line long abandoned.  Lonely in the middle of nowhere stands the last two remaining buildings; a grain elevator and a church.  It’s only mention in the history books I have seen is it was labeled as a CN siding and it had a post office till 1974.  As a siding it must have never really had much of a population as it isn’t even referred to as a hamlet; however there is evidence of there once being a school there so it points to some amount of people, perhaps it just serviced the local rural area.

With all the flooding we had in this province this year it is making getting to locations like this difficult.  We were able to easily navigate the roads in this town a couple years ago with no problems however this year there is really thick vegetation growing over all the seldom used roads.  Driving was not an option and we had to walk a fair distance to get to the old elevator.

The elevator was very complete and quite interesting.  It was cool to see the intact scale as these scales were typically salvaged when they closed the facilities.  We then headed over to the church.  The church is still in nice shape and is maintained.  It’s is interesting to see because it isn’t easy to make it to the church – whomever is taking care of it must be using a 4×4 or a tractor just to get to it.

There is a backlog of locations to post on this blog so there is more updates to come and we are heading stateside again in the coming weeks so there should be some interesting locations to share once we return.


United Grain Growers

Elevator OfficeThe office of the elevator

Driveshed ScaleThe truck scale

Prairie Sentinel

Church BasementThe church basement

Looking through the glassElevator from the church basement

ChurchInside the church

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