Apr 272011

Arilem and I had a very busy day when we went to Manitoba to explore an old Indian Residential School. We were on the road before sunrise and made it home well after sunset and covered approximately 800Km. We explored the school, a motel, several ghost towns, churches, and a small takeout restaurant.

ItÂ’s not the kind of place I would go very far out of my way to explore however we happened to stumble upon this place and figured we would check it out real quick before we started heading West again towards home. The place was full of all of its old equipment which made it interesting.

Keep checking back as there are more updates on the way.

Snack Shack 1
Outside of the small building

Snack Shack 2
Things are in disarray inside. Its full of the cooking equipment, fridges, freezers, and ice cream machines.

Snack Shack 3
Soft Serve anyone??? I was disappointed to find that this one was only dispensing dust.

Snack Shack 4
Menu – judging by the prices it wasn’t closed down too long ago

Snack Shack 5
Locked safe in the back – these always intrigue me. Although probably empty I always wonder what is in side.

Snack Shack 6
One last shot looking towards the windows that the customers would have been served.

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